1. How do I know that I won't get hacked or you are not trying to scam my money?

We are working since 29 July 2011 ( Degcraft Registration Info ) And for over 6 years we had ONLY positive reviews and no complains at all :)

2. What happens if you fail to delivery ?
We are never failed any orders ( ETA time for any service on our website comes with small + time margin ) , but if that happens due any reasons we will refund. Sometimes our customers changed they mind and do not want to continue our service, in those situations we are doing parital refunds.
3. You employ workers ? Where can I apply ?
Sorry, we are not employ workers, and we have no random players inside our company.
4. Can I access my account when I want ?
You and only you is account Owner and no one taking your account away. You feel free to login your account whenever you want, but if you do, work on your order will be greatly slowed down. You cannot login to your account during raids, otherwise we will unable to finish your order. You can cooperate with our Customer Support and sort out time when you want to play by yourself.
5. Will you use my character for Advertise your service in game ?
We are strictly against advertising in game, because it's ruin game atmosphere. We NEVER did any advertising in game and never will.
6. How much time do you need for start work on my order ?
For start working on your order we need about 15-20 mins. Once your did a payment and your order has been placed, please check your email, we will contact you very soon.
7. Is there a requirements for my purchase ?
Please click on the service name and read "Requirement". Make sure your character match the requirements, if it doesn't we will cancel your order and refund money. ( 100 - 110 ) Power leveling requires 100 Lv character, if characters level is below 100 ( 25 ex.), we will cancel order like that . If your character slightly below requirements, please contact our support, in most situations, we will accept it.
8. Why server transfer needed Mythic Raid Gear Ordering Only
In World of Warcraft over 500 realms and its not possible to have raid group who can supply gear on each realm, in most situations Guilds keep gear for own members and distribute it using DKP or Loot Council systems. To loot items regardless any other guild members needs your character must be on server where our raid guild operate. Transfer CD is 3 days, so you'll can go back to home realm soon after raid.
9. How much time do you need for complete my order ?
Please read "ETA" in service specification. For Raid Gear we do not have Estimated Time because drop chance is random, but we can guarantee raid spot for your character till desired items not drops.
10. How are you doing leveling so fast? Exploits ? Hacks ? Cheats ?
Our specialists the best on market, they are know shortest quests routes, most effective leveling specs. Sometimes on 89 level we help to level up with our top geared 90 characters. Any Exploits,Hacks,Cheats are prohibited.
11. Say honestly, how much accounts get terminated during / after your service ?
During whole time 0 accounts has been terminated ( banned ), we are never doing anything what is against game terms of use ( like bots, hacks etc. ), and account sharing never cause any problems. Officially you can share your battle.net account with one minor child. No one can provide any proofs that somebody using third part services, and blizzard cannot track any real money transactions outside the game.
12. What are the payment methods ?
We are accepting PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards via PayPal.We accept Western Union and Wire Bank Transfers.
13. My payment is safe ?
All payments goin on PayPal website, one of the most trustworth websites in the world. We do not have any information about credit card, PayPal password etc. Once payment complete, PayPal will send to us notification, and we start work on your order.
14. Is my account in good hands ?
Besides of SSL website protection, what make impossible to steal any data during transmission, we are storing customers account information in encrypted form. Othar that that, we reccomed to our customers change password after we complete the order.
15. In what time you accept orders? Whats your Operating time ?
We are accepting orders 24 / 7, and we are always trying to start as fast as its possible, so please do not leave after your payment is done, we will contact you via email within 10-15 mins.