Argus Farm

Service Includes:
  • Every day we will do:
  • 5 x Argus invasions
  • 1 x Emissary chest
  • 5 x Random elite rares
  • 10 x World Quests
  • 1-10 Days
Argus farming days:
16.34 $

  • Character level 110
  • Account sharing, we need to login your account
  • Access to Argus
Game Region:
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  • The package include: 5 Argus invasions, Emissary chest, 5 random rare elites, 10 world quests each day
Degcraft© safety guarantee:
  • Only manual service: no bots, hacks, exploits.
  • We never ask your secret word, email password, what makes account theft impossible.
  • All payments going throught PayPal, we never ask your credit card number.
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You provide code / approve our loggin attempt, your WoW account won't get locked, Blizzаrd does not track IP change for accounts with authenticators